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Lewiston Bridge Lighting & Fireworks

Bridge Lighting is scheduled for November 25, 2023


The roads are closed from 3 pm to 7 pm to through traffic in downtown historic Lewiston.  Food and craft vendors will line the streets. Santa will be in the Dance Hall. The fireworks (by Pyro Spectaculars North, Inc. ) will happen around 5:30 pm.

Please, leave your dogs at home or locked in your car. 

This event ONLY happens with donations! Please, mail a donation today or use the Donate Button.  All proceeds benefit the Lewiston Fire Department. Thanks! 

Lewiston Sparkies

PO Box 594

Lewiston CA 96052



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2023 -Our Wonderful Sponsors...

Santa Claus $1,000

Christmas Tree ~ $500

Emily Suda

Tinsel $200 ~ $300

Christmas Elves & Angels $100

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Lewiston Sparkies

PO Box 594

Lewiston, CA 96052


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