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The Lewiston Sparkies were formed in August 2004 when a local group of residents from the Lewiston Garden Club, the Women of the Moose, The Lewiston Lions and other individuals gathered to discuss a fund-raising group to benefit the all-volunteer Lewiston Fire Department. 

Suggested names for the group included the Lewiston Embers, Lewiston Fire Plugs, Lewiston Spark Plugs, with the members choosing the Lewiston Sparkies with a dalmatian as their logo. 

In May of 2005, the Sparkies invested their fundraising dollars with the Humboldt Area Foundation, all earmarked for a new fire station for Lewiston.  

They formed a Non-Profit Association under CA code in February 2006. They were granted Non-Profit status by the IRS in June of 2006. 

According to their Non-Profit description, the Lewiston Sparkies are organized exclusively for charitable, educational and safety purposes under section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The primary objective of the Lewiston Sparkies is to raise funds for the benefit of the Lewiston Fire Department (LFD), which is overseen by the Lewiston Community Services District (LCSD). The LCSD is a political subdivision of the state of California and has a limited budget to maintain the fire department, streetlights and parks and recreation.  The Lewiston Sparkies wish to assist the LCSD in providing funds specifically for additional equipment and buildings for the LFD thereby lessening the financial burden of local government. The Sparkies will also promote public fire safety for the benefit of the Lewiston residents and the firefighters. 

Membership is open to all adults (18 years and older) with an annual dues of $10.00.  

In 2021, the Officers are President Patti Ryan, Vice President Annabel Myers, Secretary Shirean Duntsch  
and Treasurer Katie Quinn. 

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