Lewiston Bridge Lighting and Fireworks

The Lewiston Sparkies will make a decision in early November if the Bridge Lighting & Fireworks can happen this year. It depends on if large gatherings are allowed and what the fire danger is at that time. Donations can still be made to help this event, this year or in 2021.  Mail a check to the Lewiston Sparkies, PO Box 594, Lewiston CA 96052 and mark your check for fireworks.  This event only happens through generous donations!



$1000 – In Memory of Ed Suda

$1000 – T&L High Alps Construction, Inc.

( Travis & Elizabeth Christensen)


Christmas Elves and Angels

$100 – The Country Peddler

$100 – Gayle & Kenneth Kludt

(In Memory of Gladys & Willys Oliver)

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Lewiston Sparkies

PO Box 594

Lewiston, CA 96052